Using E-Learning

“To make impact and upskill dealers following the launch of Black Badge, Rolls-Royce used cutting-edge interactive video to create engaging learning.”

What was the specific problems?

They wanted to make a course for the Black Badge that would match or exceed the Dawn WBT and show the darker and dynamic feature of the Black Badge. They needed to create a compact and practical but highly engaging learning experience for the dealers.

What was their solutions?

They used “cutting edge interactive video technology.” They had hot spots in the video that would include clips that would show an expert describing and pointing out features of the car. They created a senario-based quiz that would require the dealers to identify the qualifying customer. If they identify them correctly, they have to explain the brand story and car features in order to make a sale.

“Vodafone Australia were seeking to refine an existing Learning Management System to better support the organization’s future needs.”

What was the specific problems?

They wanted learners to take action for their learning, raise participation, get learners to more accurately pick apps more relevant to their learning and increase engagement.

What was their solutions?

They created a learning profile that can be exported, create a prioritized learning path and create learning paths that employees could easily pick learning that was relevant to them. They created elements that encourage and reward certain behaviors. The delivered this using an agile path.

Stage 1 – Look and Feel

Stage 2 – Learning Timeline

Stage 3 – Learner Profile

Stage 4 – Learning Pathway

Stage 5 – Course Catalogue

Stage 6 – Course Delivery

Overall, the two studies had different things they were trying to accomplish through their e-learning experience. Both of them wanted the learner to take control of their learning and for them to be engaged in their experience.


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